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Equip + Empower. 

We make explicit how to transform schools for now and the future through:

  • 4C school analysis,
  • school-based design
  • targeted mentoring and professional learning for teachers and leaders. 


What we do

School change is hard. We work with schools transforming themselves on a daily basis. We collaborate with schools to understand their context and then co-construct a transformation plan. We then continue to support schools throughout the change journey with professional learning modules, tools and other approaches developed by 4C transformative learning.


making coherence of the 4cs and learning

Using research and our own experience, we have developed tools that make learning communication, collaboration, critical reflection  and creativity explicit.  We provide coherence makers, like our learning disposition wheel, that give schools a common language to develop 21st century learners. 


Develop Transformational leaders

Research demonstrates that high quality leaders are critical to effective transformation. The chaos, complexity and contradictions of the 21st Century require leaders to be creative, collaborative, critically reflective and high level communicators. We provide capacity building programs using the 4C leadership model to help leaders notice their contexts in deep and new ways, building skills in themselves and in their staff.

Develop networks with other 4C schools

4C Transformative Learning have built networks with organisations and schools, to collaboratively create, communicate and critically reflect. These networks connect schools across systems, sectors and stages to share innovative and effective practices. 

Deliver inspiring keynotes

Michael Anderson is an international keynote speaker on the need for transformation in schools. He identifies the conditions that make change in schools a necessity rather than a choice. His keynotes identify the ways that schools need to change to make students ready for the 21st Century. In the recent past he has presented on:

The 4Cs: a radical transformation to make schools relevant again

Combatting Chaos, Complexity and Contradiction with Creativity: how schools can survive postmodern times