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Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) - Leading Change Program

ACEL is coordinating a three day program with developers and facilitators Prof. Michael Anderson and Dr Miranda Jefferson. Participants in the program become active change agents in their schools or systems by learning about and implementing the 4Cs approach over a three month period.

“This program provided me with the skills and strategies to put innovations in place at my school.”


The program is designed for System leaders, including Directors, Principals and Deputy Principals. Head Teachers and Leaders are also invited to register.

Participants will develop:

  • An understanding of their own and their school’s readiness for transformation.

  • A practical and contextually applicable understanding of how the 4Cs can drive school transformation

  • A working introduction of how the 4Cs can be implemented through collaborative leadership.

  • Opportunities to make plans for transformation and reflect on the initial stages of the implementation of those plans


The course will run twice throughout 2019:

  • Cohort 1: 9-10 May, 28 June 2019

  • Cohort 2: 1-2 August, 16 September 2019 


  • PHASE 1

    • Day 1 – Introduction to Leading School Transformation

    • Day 2 – Transformation into Action

    PHASE 2

    • Day 3 – Immersive School Experience

For more detailed information about what to expect from each day and session or to register for the program please visit the ACEL website.


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