Our Team

Michael Anderson - Feb19_04.jpg

Professor Michael Anderson

co- founder & Academic leader 

Professor Michael Anderson is an internationally recognised educational leader. He has taught, researched and published in education and transformation for over 20 years including 13 books and 55 book chapters and journal articles. His international research and practice focus on how the 4Cs can be integrated using coherent frameworks to make learning meet the needs of 21st Century learners.

Miranda Jefferson - Feb19_10.jpg

Dr. Miranda Jefferson 

Co-Founder & innovative practice leader

Dr Miranda Jefferson has been involved in leading innovation in schools for over 20 years. She leads programs, initiatives and research in curriculum reform, educational change and school transformation in several schools. Miranda has taught drama and media arts learning and teacher professional practice in the Education Faculty at the University of Sydney. She has also been on advisory boards for ACARA.

Jamie Gerlach - Feb19_34.jpg

Jamie Gerlach

4C Practice Leader

Jamie Gerlach has been engaged in innovative education for the past 5 years.  He has mentored and collaborated with teachers, students and school leaders , in primary and secondary schools across all sectors, in the development of 4C Learning. For the past 4 years Jamie has also been a teacher at James Ruse Agricultural High School, where he has co-developed NESA approved courses in Multidisciplinary Communication and delivered keynotes and papers at numerous state and national conferences. He is presently completing a Master of Education by Research at the University of Sydney.

Stephen Smith - Feb19_21.jpg

Stephen Smith 

4C Practice LEader

Stephen is a highly experienced educational leader and brings a deep understanding and expertise in working with teachers and school leaders in transforming schools. His more than thirty years experience as an educational innovator has spanned regional high schools from Moree to schools in south western Sydney, and more recently as Head Teacher English and Deputy Principal at Kirrawee High School. Additionally, he has worked as a NSW Curriculum Consultant as well as Supervisor of HSC Marking with NESA. In 2018 Steve was recognised with a Leadership Award by Australian Council for Educational Leaders.

Daniel Bell - Feb19_16.jpg

Daniel Bell

4C Practice LEader

Daniel Bell is an educator and researcher with experience teaching in primary, secondary and tertiary classrooms. Currently, he is completing a PhD at the University of Sydney, where he teaches pedagogy and professional practice, whilst working in schools across Sydney to support and mentor teachers in 4C learning. Having completed a Masters in Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment, Daniel has conducted research into the challenges associated with school transformation and continues to be interested in the impact transformation has on teachers, students and schools. 

Kirsty McGeogh - Feb19_52.jpg

Dr. Kirsty McGeoch

4C Practice Leader

Dr Kirsty McGeoch has been an educator for over 20 years.  In her work at the University of Sydney, she provides pre-service teachers with experiences of 4C learning through her Pedagogy & Professional Practice and Media Arts units, and is energised by ways of teaching and learning that engage creativity alongside the expression of voice and identity.  She has a deep interest in reflective practice, which lead her to become a certified facilitator of the work of Parker J. Palmer and the Center for Courage & Renewal.  She runs professional learning and conference masterclasses for school leaders in this approach, which strongly supports the development of adult social and emotional learning, and has been shown to build the relational trust and collective efficacy upon which organisational thriving depends.


Costa Loucopoulos 

4C Practice LEader

Costa Loucopoulos has been an educator for over twenty seven years in a a range of roles in the secondary and tertiary education sectors. Most of his career was based in the classroom as a teacher of English, Drama and Ancient History. During his career, he has worked with Aboriginal communities, engaging students in leadership, career and work planning in Sydney, and Mornington Island in Queensland. He has also worked as a subject coordinator, lecturer and tutor in Education at the University of New South Wales, University of Sydney and Western Sydney University. He also brings with him experience as a Curriculum Specialist at ACARA where he was awarded an Outstanding Professional Service Award by the Professional Teachers Council of New South Wales in 2011.