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Transforming schools.

We collaborate with teachers, school leaders and students to develop deeper, more relevant and creative learning environments  to equip them to navigate an increasingly complex world.


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What drives us? 

We believe that schools have the power to truly prepare students to navigate a complex and rapidly changing world. To survive and thrive students must be able to communicate and collaborate more effectively, to reflect critically and respond creatively to real-world problems. We collaborate with schools to develop lifelong learners who are courageous, resilient, empathetic and creative. 


Our Impact

We have worked with dozens of schools, hundreds of teachers and thousands of students to transform their learning through the 4Cs. We have collaborated with teachers to enhance their practice, creating deeper and richer learning. In this process students grow in confidence , influence, ability to build and connect ideas in collaboration with their peers. Schools transform as their cultures, language and structures are re-imagined through the 4C learning process.


Years transforming schools

Our processes have been developed and evaluated within schools over the last 5 years in primary, secondary and tertiary settings. 



schools impacted

We have worked  to develop and support the learning of primary and secondary schools, across all systems in NSW. 

Watch the story of our journey and impact with Casula Public School. 



years experience in education

Combined, the 4Cs team have over 75 years experience working in schools as teachers, leaders, consultants, curriculum and assessment designers and researchers. 



Our professional learning modules are designed to meet the needs of individual schools. Each module is based on sound educational research principles and best practice professional learning approaches to inspire and sustain transformation. Our experience in professional learning and education supports teachers and school leaders to develop 4C learning in their own schools.  


Embodied literacy 

We understand the power that experiential and embodied learning can offer learners. We know that emodied practices can engage students in deeper  ways, helping to facilitate richer reading, writing, speaking, performing and understanding. 


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We know that a day of professional learning simply just isn't enough. Sometimes, having someone working with you in the classroom can help you gain a better understanding of how different pedagogies are meant to look, sound and feel. This mentor can also help to facilitate reflections that further thinking, noticings and learning. 



ACEL "Leading Change program" 

In partnership with the Australian Council for Educational Leaders, we offer an intensive program that aims to provide leaders with the warrant, the knowledge and skills to take their school on journeys of transformation. 




Our book 


Transforming Schools offers countless insights, making it relevant to all areas of the curriculum. Written by leading international scholar/practitioners, this is a thorough and thoughtful book on a much-needed topic. This book is poised to become a seminal work in the field of education.”

- George Belliveau



Is your school ready to transform?