Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the 4C Transformative Learning Team?

We are experienced teachers, and experts in the field of school transformation. Our academic leader Professor Michael Anderson has taught, researched and published in education and transformation for over 20 years, while Innovative Practice Leader Dr Miranda Jefferson has been involved in leading innovation in schools for over 20 years. Our three associates, Jamie Gerlach, Daniel Bell and Stephen Smith are all experienced teachers and educational leaders.

What is school transformation?

For schools to be relevant for life in the 21st century, they cannot just do the ‘same old thing-just slightly better’ they must transform. Transformation is not just changing classroom practice but rethinking and reshaping the practice of leaders, teachers and students in every aspect of school life.

What are the 4Cs?

The 4Cs are Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Reflection.  These are the human attributes that must be nurtured so that students can thrive in a fast, hyperconnected, technology-dominated world.

Who created this methodology?

The 4C approach to school transformation and learning was developed by our founders Dr. Miranda Jefferson and Professor Michael Anderson. While the idea of the 4Cs has existed in the educational lexicon for many years, our methodology has been developed in partnership with schools - meaning it’s informed by both the theory and the real-life practice of the 4Cs principles.

What kind of school benefits from this program?

All schools can benefit from the 4Cs approach. To date, the program has been implemented in almost 30 primary and secondary schools across New South Wales.  We have worked with schools from all sectors (Public, Catholic & Independent) and our program has proven valuable to schools in a wide range of settings, including the Hospital School at Westmead. Any school that understands that schools are currently not meeting the 21st Century needs of students will benefit from adopting a 4C approach.

What should teachers expect from this training?

Training for teachers looks different in every school as each school has different needs. However, as a NESA-endorsed provider, we offer courses for teachers and for leaders that involve 20 hours of learning over a period decided by each school. These courses can occur either during or after school.

Does 4C Transformative Learning work with schools outside of NSW?

Yes. The 4Cs are not unique to the NSW system or any particular curriculum.  The 4Cs are a way to reimage and reshape our school experiences. Our methodology can be practiced in any school system.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions about what we do.